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    Unfortunately I am unable to book any paid sessions for the time being. The Multiple Sclerosis prevents me from doing any extended standing, and I was horrid at keeping records and doing paperwork even before the MS. Trying to run a business is a stress I don't need right now. I am also not in a position to be able to offer fair monetary compensation for a model to sit for me.

     I am, however, very interested in doing some trade-for-print or trade-for-CD sessions on a limited basis. These would be casual sessions either at home or outdoors (I've never been much for studio work). Since there are no client requirements to meet, the theme, mood, and everything else becomes a collaboration between model and photographer. The images of Jade were the result of one such collaboration when she wanted to be photographed in some of the costumes she had made. The main requirement is to have whatever we come up with fit within my style. If you are looking for a Cosmo cover, I'm not your guy. If you have an interest in a look that's a bit ethereal, otherworldly, and perhaps a little (or a lot) spooky, drop me a note and we can see if our schedules "click".

     I shoot digitally and print using a wide format inkjet printer capable of up to 12"x18" prints. I use Piezography archival pigment inks on archival fine-art papers. The ink is a warm-neutral tone, which can be emphasized by paper choice. Currently all the images on the site are displayed as a true nuetral B&W.

Neutral B&W Image

Legion Photo Matte

Hahnemuhle William Turner